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Who we are:
Getcleantech is helping recent graduates and young professionals discover their careers in cleantech and sustainability.
What we do:
Getcleantech created this platform for members to learn about the cleantech and sustainability industry and discover career options that fit their interests and studies. We profile career opportunities, volunteer and event information, and facilitate connections with professionals in your field.
Why you should join:
Getcleantech is more than a job search engine. We’re building a community of emerging professionals, and sharing opportunities in the cleantech and sustainability industries. We aim to get bright, young, energized and passionate brains into work where they can create a lasting change for the environment and society.

“I investigated Getcleantech, and wow! What an incredible platform to connect like-minded people and projects!! I have been using it all morning! Its exactly what I am in need of in my commencement of post-grad life, trying to get into sustainability professionally!” Torrey Sirdevan, Chemical and Biological Engineer, Canada.