Thank you to our supporters Ryerson Science Discovery Zone, Initium Institute, and the Government of Canada.

What is cleantech?

Any technology, process or know-how that improves air, water, energy, climate change and natural resource conditions for life on earth.

Why Getcleantech?

We need recent graduates and young environmental professionals to get to work and fix this planet! So we built Getcleantech so you can discover exciting career paths and opportunities by exploring an ever growing repository of cleantech and sustainability companies, projects and events.If you are an organization with opportunities in environmental and sustainability projects, please contact us.

How does Getcleantech work?

If you've ever joined a dating site this may seem strangely familiar! Getcleantech is a crowd-built database, powered by a unique matching algorithm. It will create matches based on the content that you put in your profile, whether that content be about your academic career, your thesis project, projects you've worked or your career interests, or all of the above. When there's a match in the getcleantech database to your profile, we'll send you an alert. It's as simple as that. Then it's up to you to decide to do something about it (we'll share tips on that too!).

How can I get better matches?

Our algorithm reads text paragraphs, and identifies and ranks matching concepts in paragraphs elsewhere in our database. For optimum matching results, approximately two pages of prose description are recommended. This can be pasted into the description, or referred to by a webpage URL.

Who is behind Getcleantech?

Students like you, along with some experienced environmental professionals who support Getcleantech and want to help your step into your environmental career! Together with the Initium Institute, a not for profit which supports our platform, we have created the Getceantech community.

Do you offer any special programs for student groups?

Yes, we are happy to help groups to sign up. Contact us.